Workshops & Tuition

Circus Kumarani (Dargaville)

Circus Kumarani is a community based organisation promoting circus and all that that entails to young, old and all abilities. … Read more

Te Roroa Maori Cultural Experience

Enjoy a Maori cultural experience learning games, songs, flax weaving, haka, legends & stories – suitable for all ages … Read more

The Hokianga Bonecarver

Jim Taranaki is a Maori artisan living his dream who welcomes you to his home overlooking the breathtaking Hokianga Harbour to learn the Maori craft of bone carving and create your own special piece … Read more

Waipoua Lodge Cooking School

Waipoua Lodge has received excellent feedback on its fine dining cuisine and now offers the chance to spend time in the commercial kitchen with host and self-taught chef Fran Farrant.… Read more