Discover Kiwi in their natural habitat

Trouson Kauri Park is an island reserve and home to around 200 kiwi living in their natural habitat Our elusive national icon is a very shy noctural creature and often the only place they can be seen is in captivity. But on the Kauri Coast we are very lucky to have the beautiful pristine young Trounson Kauri Park which is an island reserve, that means that pests such as possums, rats, wild cats etc., are controlled and the threat to kiwi eggs is minimised.

Through the Top 10 Holiday Park you are able to take a night walk in the forest in the hopes hearing and seeing kiwi. Of course this cannot be guaranteed as they are wild kiwi and very shy and elusive.

The tours start at around 8/8.30 pm and last about 2-2.5 hours.

Hosts: Herb & Heather Isles
Phone: +64 9 4390621 | 0800 807200
Physical Address:
Trounson Park Rd
New Zealand