Aratapu Tavern & Hotel

While a warm welcome and cold drink or two are the hallmarks of the Aratapu Tavern, there’s something else which the popular local is becoming famous for – a menu busting with interesting flavours! 

The Aratapu tavern has become a famous local landmark under the care of owners Richard and Donice Morris – a venue for good times, good music and celebration.

The historic old tavern has earned a new lease of life as Donice, Richard and their staff have transformed its image and revitalized the grand old building for the 21st century.

Donice originally hails from the state of Texas, perhaps the most well known part of the southwest United States.  While it’s a long way from the Kaipara, both places share a common culinary history of bold flavours, big generous helpings and uncompromising quality.  Just like the famous cowboys of the Lone Star State, Kiwis have a love of prime cuts of meat.

Aratapu offers mouth watering ribs marinated for a full 24 hours in a secret sauce, succulent lamb shanks and big hearty roasts with all the trimmings – the kind of food which really satisfies after a hard day’s work, accompanied by a cold beer or a glass of wine. Another firm favourite is an Aratapu Tavern pizza made with the best local ingredients and lashings of cheese – just like they should be!

Donice reckons these are the best pizzas in the Kaipara, and one look at the generous toppings (like sizzling hot sausage made right here in Dargaville) is enough to convince the most demanding gourmet!

The brunch menu includes a Big Breakie, Pancake Stacks with Fruit & Whipped Cream and Donice’s Famous Texas style, savoury biscuits & gravy. Dargaville Lifestyler

Aratapu Tavern & Hotel

Hosts Donice & Richaard with Cola by the fire

Aratapu Tavern & Hotel Dining Room

Weddings at Aratapu

Hosts: Richard & Donice Hall-Morris
Phone: +64 9 4395923
Physical Address:
701 Pouto Road